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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Chicken food

I ran out of Chicken food the other day, i went down to the local Co-operative where i get my feed from. Sadly they where closed so no feed. I had just started to get my own dinner ready so the chicks got the potato and carrot peelings boiled up. I use my Rice cooker a lot as i can cook three portions at a time for the chicks in it, so rice cooker on. Last but not least i always have a cabbage in that they get in there diet so it was a good helping of cooked rice, boiled potato and carrot skins and cabbage.

Today after last nights dinner i had a load of peeling again so it's rice, peelings and cabbage again. If nothing my chicks get a varied diet. Due to the feed i buy in what i give them is as near to organic as i can get. When the day comes that i start to get eggs at least they will be as organic as they can be.

I am now hopefully only a few weeks away from the chicks from starting to lay eggs. I now have to change there feed to a layers feed, whatever that is. We are now approaching the next stage in the keeping of my chickens.

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