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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Garden progress

In the summer sun the ground dries  out so fast, it takes me longer everyday just to get everything watered. If i got up early i would even water my plants in the morning as well as i do in the early evening as it gets cooler.

Tomato's are looking good but i don't know just what type they are. Once they start to ripen  i will be able to see what they are. I do know they are not cherry tomato's. One looks like a plumb tomato and the other is a round tomato.

Black chillies only two but there are more growing and are not showing yet but it won't be long till they grow like the two i already have. 
Are these a type of chilli that is medium or a hot type of chilli?


  1. Good luck with your chillies. I have a friend in the Alentejo who grew chillies last year and they turned out to be Ornamental Chillies with NO HEAT at all. Not good.

  2. You couldn't the pleasure i get from all the thing's i am doing in this new life.

  3. Hi Peter its Pollianne, for some reason its thrown up by anonymous. Have a look at this link re black chillies, apparently some go black before they ripen to red.

  4. whoops now it showing Pollianne 2001, strange things are happening. I can't sign in under my own forum name jayjan so had to use my other name