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Friday, 22 June 2012

A copper coil and now lets Distill some wine

It's been my intention for a long time to make wine and distill it into a spirit. Anybody can make wine it's as easy as painting by numbers with all the help on the internet.

I had been looking at a number of video's on Youtube about distilling wine into a spirit and in one you are shown how to make your own Still.  I have a spring that a plumber would use to bend a copper pipe, not wanting to lose the spring in the copper pipe i asked my mate Richard how would i make a coil of copper pipe without losing the spring inside of the copper pipe. 

Richard did no more than disappear for a few minuets and came back with a coil of copper pipe and a tube to bend it on. I could never have been able to make anything like this also he put a piece of tube on one end that is a special heat resistance tubing that will be connected to the pan that will be used to heat the wine till in produces a vapor that will then condense into a liquid.

The vapor travels down the white pipe and goes through the coil and changes from a vapor to a liquid. The coil sits is a bucket of Ice, it's the ice that being cold causes the vapor to change to a liquid. That liquid then is a Spirit in this case the first that i will do will be the Cherry wine and it will become a Cherry Spirit.

That's the plan.

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  1. how size of this pipe & how it mold round shape???