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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Today was a great day more like this would be welcome

It would have been nice to have had some pictures of today but i haven't. The day started at 10am i was to take someone who is renting a house to Coimbra for the day sightseeing. I regret not having my camera with me and that was a big mistake  i won't do that again . Coimbra is a very old city and full of history some of the building are beautiful and maybe i will get the time to really have a good luck round one day.

When i got home  time was still not my own. Something i have been wanting to try for a while has been to grow mushrooms. I have been helping a friend with his mushrooms for a good few weeks, well at the moment they are just logs of wood. What you do is cut logs to a certain size and drill a number of hole in them and then put dowels in the holes and then put hot wax over the dowels to seal them. On Sunday we drilled about 100 logs with about 40 holes in each log but this time we had extra help to get all the logs done in one go. Once this has been done they are left for anything up to 12 months before they start to produce mushrooms. The ones my friend is growing are ones used medically not for eating. 

I am going to be growing White and Blue Oyster mushrooms but getting started was a problem. It's easy now after being shown what to do to get started but first you need to get all the ingredients together Coffee grounds, these are what's left after the Cafe bars have used them to make Coffee it's the bits left over. Next you need to sterilize cardboard and sawdust in a microwave.

Being told what to do is not the same as seeing it done,  now it's done i know what to do next time and i can do it myself. I do  have to admit that i had help well ok it was done for me but i am glad i have such a good friend who knows what he is doing. Thanks

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  1. Good luck with this Peter. I grew some Mushrooms once back in Blighty. Not on the same scale as you though. I bought a polystyrene box kit from a DIY shop and it was really easy. Excellent results though. I promise you that your crop will astound. Mushrooms when they are so fresh that the gills are still pink are to die for.