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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The long wet drive home

It's never easy leaving Liverpool to return home to Portugal. I had to leave a little early because of the trouble getting a favourable ferry booking at a time to best suit me. But worst of all is leaving loved ones behind and I fly back at the end of January to help my daughter after an knee operation.

I left on Sunday morning early to get the ferry to Dieppe and then on through France and Spain to get me back to Portugal. 

When I left Liverpool it was raining and it didn't stop by the time I got to Newhaven rain rain and more rain. When I got of the ferry in France guess it was still raining all the way to Rouen when I stopped for a drink and a bit to eat. As I got out of my car the rain had stopped wow that was a surprise and welcome. When I went back to my car the rain had started again but it was worse than before I stopped. This time the rain was bad and driving was getting difficult with all the other drivers driving like mad men. As I arrived and passed the border with Spain it was still raining and it rained all the way home to my little house.

This is how it looks  behind a lorry that hasn't been fitted with water suppression  equipment and that's the view i had in front of me

Now this is how driving should be like. This lorry has all the right equipment fitted. If every lorry had this then life for people like me who enjoy driving would be easy.
This equipment is actually compulsory to have it fitted. I know i fitted it in a previous job many years ago.

 I love driving and this drive was the worst drive I have ever had it was so bad I drove almost none stop till I got home. From Dieppe I drove a little over 1,100 miles from 3 pm Sunday afternoon and I returned home at 9pm the next night. Not bad going when the weather is good thank fully I stopped for sleep but I left early as I couldn't get the amount of sleep I needed. Maybe I was eager to get back to my house but it's no good trying to sleep when you can't.

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