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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Guitarman Steve

Since i wrote about wanting to make contact with an old friend i have had a message from  someone i went to school with. It seems that an old school pal had been reading my Blog and contacted me.

The thing i remember most about him was our time in the woodwork class. In our last year like some of the others in my class i made a coffee table as my project. If i remember correctly it wouldn't have won any awards but it wasn't bad. But Steve made an electric Guitar and he came from being rubbish at woodwork to one of the best in our last year at school.

Towards the end of our project we all looked on with envy at what he had made, he painted his guitar red and it looked as good as any you would see in the shops. The last week of term he was allowed to have someone come in to fine tune his creation and test play it. None of us in class new anything of his skills at  playing guitar until the day before we left school for the last time. He played a Jimi Hendrix track but without the vocals, boy he was good.

He went on to be part of some of the local popular groups in Liverpool at the time that had become quite famous. Like me he was a Stones, Dylan and Jimi Hendrix fan.

It's been nice via email to catch up with him over the last few days. When i go back to Liverpool we plan to meet up apart from Steve the only other ex class mate i can remember was Joe Royal who went on to manage Everton FC amongst other things in his Football career.

It was nice to have been in contact now with two people from my past the past may be the past and i look forward to what the future brings but it's nice to have memories.  I have just heard from Steve and he sees a lot of another class friend. This friend was the class bully until one day he picked on the

wrong person. Martin soon stopped being a bully and became a quite a good friend. I had forgotten him until I got a message this morning. From being three kids in the last year of school to how will we look now, who knows but time will tell and it's now 50 years since I left school.

After Steve got in touch and I coincided with time I was back in Liverpool I got a call he is in hospital after a traffic accident and unlikely to be out before I fly back to Portugal. Never mind when I come back in March I may get to see him play then

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