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Saturday, 30 January 2016

What a bargain phone this is.

Arriving in Liverpool I found I had left my phone behind. My phone is a cheap Samsung phone because most people I know call me on my IPad with Skype, FaceTime and Messenger. So a good phone is a waste and I would never make use of a much better phone when I can use my IPad. I make very few calls because I have a landline and most people who know me call after 9 pm because it's free to call at that time. FaceTime, Skype and Messenger gives a far better service but you need to be in wifi range and that's no problem most of time.

But in Liverpool I do need a phone if only to see what time it is. So I looked for a deal for a cheap phone to use while I am here. I found a bargain in the Carphonewarehouse, the phone I got is in the picture below phone cost Free plus £10.0 credit and the best bit Free delivery now if that's not a bargain then what is. For a phone to have in case I get a call it's a good price.

Now I need to get the number from my last Uk phone transferred to this one so I don't have to remember a new number. I still remember my first mobile phone number that's why if I can get the code I can have my old number back.

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