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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I finally got a message delivered

For what seems a lifetime i have searched for someone from my past. This someone was special she was the first girl i ever loved. We met a couple of year later but due to bad luck or call it what you will i lost the address. I would go to the new address she had in another town every Wednesday and Sunday and wait for a few hours in the hope of seeing her but i could only remember the estate name. Sadly my luck was out to rub salt into the wounds when her favourite group where playing on the radio i would stop and think of what might have been and remember her fondly.

Years later on Radio Merseyside i won two tickets to see Donovan at the Liverpool empire guess what the tickets where next to the seats that we had to see The Stones and the Walker brothers.

I tried to find her using a private detective but had no luck. All this to explain why we never met, the reason why is personal so i won't mention it. I asked the A Team on Radio Merseyside for help. Adverts on a local newspaper in her new town nothing helped till now.

I recently found a company on line who do searches and i started that yesterday. In the meantime i subscribed to Genesreunited and had a dabble to see how i would get on. I could remember most of the information but i got her Mums name wrong and her sister but not her dad or her brother.

I sent a message to who i thought was her brother when in fact it was her husband. Well Jean has been in touch and i sent a message telling her why we never met and i now feel good after about 44/ 45 years i can rest knowing i have righted a mistake after all these years but it was something that only bothered me.

I was able to send a message to my long lost friend and explain why i never found her again. It's nice after all these years to put this to sleep so to speak i now don't feel guilty for losing the address.


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