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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Another trip back to Liverpool

When a mother lives two doors away from only daughter you would expect that when the daughter needs help mother would be there for her. My daughter needs
a serious knee operation and after the consultation with the surgeon her mother didn't even ask what was wrong. When my daughter told her she will be unable to walk for a while mother isn't even bothered in offering to help her daughter not what you would expect from a mother.

So Dad has to come to the rescue, I fly into Liverpool the day before the surgery and i stay for 10 days it's as much time as i can stay away. I will have to miss one important market and i have spent a lot of time putting messages up for people to find out i am not going to be at Miranda do Corvo market.

The bonus i will get is to see my Mum who is now 90 years of age and i am looking forward to seeing her. Facetime is OK but it's nothing like seeing her in person.

My Mum is lucky she has six children and most at some point visit and three stay for varying lengths of time. We are all so lucky that we have a sister who spends so much of her time looking after Mum because she lives local. I feel so guilty living so far away and not being there to help her. In May i am coming back to Liverpool because last year for two weeks Mum had nobody to care for her my sister booked a much needed holiday but unknown to her the other two who stay also booked a holiday. I told then that this year at this time i would be there for two weeks to do whatever may be needed of me. I myself am so pleased that Mum has someone close who looks after her.

It seems that I was only told of those away on holiday and I didn't know about my other sisters who in fact did there bit at a difficult time while half the family away. To those who in fact did help I am sorry for missing out this information.

Pity my Ex doesn't act like a normal mother and show she cares for her children and maybe she would get the love from her three children that my Mother gets from hers.

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