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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Do they want business?

In England competition in business is important and replying to enquireries by phone or email is key to keeping businesses ahead of the competition. Sadly the concept of keeping ahead of others is unknown to businesses in
Portugal. I took my laptop in for a repair. I used Google Tradator that is surposed to be the best translator and composed a message. To make sure the translation was correct I copied and pasted it back to see it came out correct. I sent this email the day before I had to fly back to the UK I still haven't had a reply, I have sent another email and this still has not been replied to.  Do these companies not want repeat business?

Next time I have a problem I will find another company. While in Liverpool I have a friend who is a computer engineer who provides amazing service, he called to my daughters today at 9am to repair my granddaughter's computer ok he knows me but that's service.

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