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Thursday, 2 May 2013

First you cut a template.

 I am working in my kitchen at the moment an i came to cut a panel to fit up to the at the ridge beam on the ceiling. As the beam is part of a tree trunk it is not straight. I first had to cut a shape of the beam then make a template and when the template was OK i transferred the template to a piece of plasterboard.

After the plasterboard was found to be perfect i then cut out the panel that was to go up to the ceiling and it fit perfect first time.

The picture below was of the panel after i had fitted it to the ceiling, all it needed was to have the filler skimmed over the joints to create an invisible joint.

Now i am waiting for the window for the wall where the cooker is going to go so i will come back to finishing the pasterboard  in the kitchen but i am going to start doing the inside walls in the lounge so i am ready for when i get a wood burner.

Well that's two walls complete, i am now held up by the window to go into the wall on the left. The window will give me a great view when i am cooking as the cooker will be in the middle of the window.

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