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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Told to go by The Police

There has been a huge fire the other side of the hills above my village but the fire was about 5miles away.

The police explained that the fire would soon be out but as a precaution we had to leave. The reason was that the problem was the smoke coming in our direction.

Today we got the all clear to return and i am glad that the Police took the action they did.

I had four friends all offering me a bed for as long as the problem existed. Friends are really there when you need them but i am glad to be back home.


  1. Good to know you and your goods are safe!
    I started commenting in your blog about liverpudian "heroes" and then the "bombeiros".I was far from knowing that terrible fires were near.
    Again why they are called "Bombeiros" ? , the pt word for pump is bomba, so bombeiro is the man that "operates" the pump, likewise the french word "Pompiers"

    1. Hi Joao

      Thanks i didn't know that is what the word is made from.

    2. ok, in the latin countries they follow the same logic : Port-Bombeiros ; Spain - Bomberos ; Italy - Pompieri : France-Pompiers. But a different logic is used in UK Fire Brigade (literally: Brigada do fogo)
      Other curiosity in PT the word "bomba" could mean pump or bomb (diff.meanings but the same word) ex: bomba de agua (water pump) or explosão de uma bomba (bomb explosion)