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Friday, 23 June 2017

We have all seen the pictures

On TV in the News and even on Expat Forums we have seen or read about the dreadful here in Central Portugal.

The Bomberios are really the bravest of the brave doing a job for FREE yes free as most are volunteers. Yes they are fighting fires and not getting paid for it fighting till they are almost exhausted. That brings me to the picture below, i don't know what site i found it but so tired.

Well earned sleep and we are all so Proud of each and everyone.

I am told by some local friends that they saw me on TV as i dropped of at the local Bomberios station where i live 96 bottles of water. These guys and girls need to rehydrate as they must sweat with so much clothing on while fighting the fires.

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  1. yes, almost of them are volunteers.Speaking to some of them: they like what they do and usually its a tradition in the family, as the father or uncle is a bombeiro sooner or later his son/daughter join the team.