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Saturday, 10 June 2017

A problem getting timber

I have a big problem getting timber with Chicco being closed due to a serious injury. Due this problem I have a number of jobs I can't complete until I can get old aged timber, new timber is not the same colour as aged timber.

The last major job I have to do is to insulate what was a bedroom next to the lounge until now. I am taking the door away and the wall between the door and my log burner to give me an L shaped lounge. I will batten the walls and add insulation and then plaster board the walls like I did in the previous bedroom.

I already have the Coving and Led lights for the ceiling and for behind the coving. Today I took down the door frame preparing to get started but mainly so I could set out where the concrete beam is to go.


  1. Try to speak with your previous supplier "Chicco" where he is getting timber OR look for "Serrações" , "carpintarias" in the net like this site :

    Scroll down and that may help.
    Good Luck and have a nice Sunday

  2. Sadly Chicco is recovering slowly after spending time in Intensive care. His recovery will i am told going to be slow.

  3. Have you tried the link i provided above? or just search for serração (sawmill) or carpintaria (carpentry) in the area. you can adjust the filter for "concelho" Gois , Coimbra , Lousã , Miranda Corvo, etc.