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Saturday, 17 June 2017

The air was full of smoke

I looked outside a little while ago and the sky looked dark. Where the sun should be the sky was just a red colour but unrecognisable do to smoke. In every direction it just looked smokey and with a reasonably strong wind the sky is now getting clear.

It's that time of year sadly it's fire time and living in a village surrounded by forest we rely on the brave Men and Women of the volunteer fire brigade called locally the Bombeiros these brave people are mostly unpaid.

The sun is hidden by a covering of smoke in the sky let's hope that where the fire may be that all the Heroes come home safe to there families.

An hour later and the sky looks on fire scary.

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  1. Unfortunately there are already confirmed 19 victims of wildfires (most of them are car drivers and passengers catched in crossfires) in Pedrog√£o Grande - F.Vinhos area.The abnormal heat wave and heavy winds sparkled the wildfires and 550 bombeiros are fighting them right now.