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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

When it goes wrong who do you call " The A team " Pharos

It must be difficult when you run a big successful company and outside of your control something goes wrong.

I recently had an order from one of my Spices suppliers go missing. Not having any contact with UPS i had to go back to the Courier company who if you read my Blog will know i use Pharosparcels in Scotland. I sent an email late at night so next day it would be seen by the staff when there office opens, No it was answered by the owner a few minutes before 11pm at night.

Yesterday the 11th June i received my missing parcel but instead of 28kilo it weighted no more than a couple of kilo but it had my Label on it so in i went to open it. Upon opening the parcel i found that i had in my box a very expensive part for a sound mixing system.

I took pictures of the label and the contents and emailed them to UPS and Pharosparcels and left it at that till early this morning when i received an email from Pharos to let me know where we are up to in finding my parcel.

Even when something goes wrong Pharos are there for you.

Thanks The Pharos team.

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