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Thursday, 25 May 2017

And stilll proud to be a Scouser

i have just read that in the aftermath of the bombing in Manchester Liverpool taxi drivers left Liverpool to help bring people home. That's just what Scousers are we just do it.

Years ago at the Grand National there was a Bomb alert and the racecourse was cleared and the famous race was Called off. What did the Locals do many hundreds took people in who's cars where trapped in the racecourse and let them stay until there cars where released. Scousers.

I get asked at the markets I go to often if I am English but I always answer NO then I say proudly I am a Scouser from Liverpool.

Even on holidays to many foreign countries when you get talking and you say Liverpool and you are a scouser everybody knows us.

Scouser and proud.


  1. Liverpool is well known here for The Beatles and the famous "Reds" LFC

    1. Don't forget the Blues Everton FC. There is more tp Liverpool than just the Beatles.

  2. You could be right, but being portuguese and Benfica's supporter I like the Red more than the Blue (Everton,FCPorto) ;-) The Beatles are from my childhood memory of the 60's.Certainly Liverpool is much more than famous footbal clubs or bands.In your article the taxi drivers are the truly heroes and one more reason of you to be proud of.Perhaps equivalent here to our firemen (bombeiros) in the peak of the summer.

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