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Thursday, 18 May 2017

At last

This trip was so I could see my Mum for her 92nd birthday and Mum was on great form even though she has been unwell of late. Even though I took pictures of my Mum I can't find a way on iPad to put up a picture on my Blog till I get home next week.

Today for the first time while I am in Liverpool we have sunshine and it and it took a week to arrive. As I came by Ryanair I have no transport, my son and daughter have been great but it's not like having my own car or van with me. While here I am stocking up with all things I like from beans to sesame oil even food grade bags for my spices. I also got a huge bottle of tomato sauce along with Fray bentos steak pies. There is nothing wrong with having a treat now and again.

Today the post came and it was my chisels for my lathe so my box will have a wide variety of stuff to get sent over to my house. I have ordered lots of timber for when I get home to make boxes for under my twin beds and timber for shelves for my workshop.

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