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Sunday, 14 May 2017

I had to locate someone some time ago

As the title says i had a need to locate someone from my past to right a wrong.
I mentioned this to a close friend and how i went about it. He then told me that he knew little about his father and would like to find out more. To make it easy his father had three Christian names and that made it easy to start the search.

Now a few days later he came back to see just how far we could get and i was surprised just how far we got. We where able to go back to the early 1800's and to his Great Grandmother. This we did because i had to remind myself just how i searched for a friend from my past and we soon started to find what he wanted.

When it got to his father by having three Christian names made it easy but there was two entries for the same person. The problem being that each one had already had someone doing a family tree so for further information we had to get in touch with the two other people. Another way i found was to look at the Births, Deaths and marriages and here we found out his Father had passed away. The births, marriages and divorces where of great help as well.

We sent of two messages to the people who had started the family trees and waited for a reply. I am glad to say that a reply came and he is now in touch with family  he knew nothing about.

Every story needs a happy ending.


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  2. Hi Peter,
    I really want to ask you some questions. Charles (of the Riverside cafe in Goìs) said you probably could help me out on the questions I have.
    best regards
    Ed MolenaarRotterdam, Holland

    1. Hi Ed
      I am home on the 23rd Charles will give you contact details to see/ speak to me. I don't want to put personal information on here.