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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

One year finishing and another starting

On the news i have just been watching the fireworks on Sydney Harbour bridge in Australia. A whole year has passed by and it's been another good year for me and i hope so for all the people who take the time to read my Blog.

It's not just been Christmas and New Year but also the 1st January would have been my Dad's birthday. We lost after a long illness in 1998 but he is and will never be forgotten.

Yesterday the 30th was the birthday of my eldest son  and on the second of January it's the birthday of my youngest son. As children you can't imagine how they would grow up and what they would be doing now at 34 and 30 years of age. Both are doing well and i am so very proud of them both.

Then there is my daughter who is 32 in July. She found herself a single parent to my favourite grand daughter this last year. Things have been difficult for her but she has done a wonderful job but she is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.

I have only one wish for the coming year and it's that at some point i would like to see my children and grand children come over to see me. But not now in the winter i can wait for the summer.

The best thing would be to see Sean and Chelsee and have them stay with me.

For now It's time to say Happy New Year to you all.

I have just re read this the last entry of 2013 and found something that may not sound right. Chelsee is not just my favourite Grand Daughter she is my only Grand Daughter. As Sean is my Favourite Grandson, he is my only Grandson.


  1. Happy New Year to you Peter catch up with you next time were home
    Dave and miry

  2. Hi Mr Happy and Miry. I will look forward to it and maybe the weather will be better. Happy New Year to you both.