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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Walked out of WH Smiths

Once through the security and passport control at Liverpool airport your time is taken up waiting for your plane to arrive to take you and in my case Home. I always get a couple of bottles of Coke one for on the flight and the other for the journey from the airport to home.

This trip back home was not like it normally was i got my two bottles of Coke and went to the till in WH Smiths only to be told not asked by an assistant to use the machines. For those who don't know the machines are automatic tills where you serve yourself. Sorry i won't use these the more auto tills the less assistants so i walked out and left the Coke.

In another part of Liverpool airport is another WH Smiths and i hoped to be treated better BUT. guess what no again i was told to use the machine. It wouldn't have been so bad if they said could you please use the machine as i am busy or another excuse. So i walked out again and found a Boots, This boots was better because the Coke was cheaper. I got my two Coke and as i walked over to the till a young assistant walked over and served me and i must say she was most polite.

So Boots in Liverpool airport gets a big congratulations from me. 

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