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Friday, 19 May 2017

And they blamed the address

I needed a part for my electric planer and found a company who could supply it for me. I ordered and paid by PayPal on the 22nd of April and when it hadn't been delivered when I expected delivery I complained. After I complained I received an email to check the address of course the address was correct because I gave it to them.

Can I just please confirm your delivery address:
2 new road, , deal, ct15 4df,kent, United Kingdom
Is this correct?

All The Best

Solent Tools

Today the 18th May I called again and guess what they still haven't dispatched yet. They told me there is two places locally with that address but only one with the correct house number and postcode. 

I asked a postman collecting mail from a postbox near where I am staying and he confirmed that with the postcode and house number the parcel will be delivered. At a place called Sandhills in Liverpool is a post depot where you go to collect mail that couldn't be delivered is left. I went to this depot to ask if the house number and postcode is enough to ensure a parcel would be delivered. Three postmen all confirmed that with house number and postcode I should have no trouble with my parcel.

At no time did this company contact me about any problem they may think they have. The only contact from them was after I had called them. 

If after I called and they replied on the 4th May and I confirmed it was correct why two weeks later was it still waiting to be shipped. 

So beware     

I am making up a parcel to have collected by UPS to send to me timed to arrive the day after I get home. Pity a vital tool spare won't get to me in time to have sent with all the other things I have got ready for shipping.

Would I use this company again not in this lifetime, there could be anything up to 10 items and  all parcels where delivered to me and packed in one box per month. In the last three years this is the first problem I have had. Pity this crackpot firm didn't use Pharosparcels they never let me down.

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