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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Service this good yes this good

I have used Pharosparcels now for three years plus and i have never had anything but perfect service. On occasion i have had to make a call for one reason or another and i have got through to Fiona the boss now that shows the boss cares.

I have a parcel on it's way of 28kilo of Spices and while in Liverpool i made up another parcel but sent by me instead of a Spice company. I decided to pay via Paypal but my browser screen froze in the middle of the transaction. I went back to do the transaction all over again and guess what my browser is having an off day.

After this i went back to the beginning to do another transaction and pay by card again the browser just looked at me is if to say it's late time for bed. So with this i decided to use my Ipad and hey it worked first time so i now have my parcel paid for and i only have to wait for an email with the label to arrive to be put on the parcel.

When i got my email i in fact got a few in fact three for three tranactions it seems that my previous transactions i tried had in fact been paid. I took copies of the transactions with a screen dump something easy as i use Ubuntu Linux not windows. I sent an email to Pharosparcels so that in the morning my email with these problems would be seen then time for a cuppa. At 10.53 i received an email form Fiona saying she will look at my problems and deal with the refunds.

Now if that's not good service when the boss emails you at almost 11pm i don't know what more anybody could expect. Fiona thanks again for perfect service

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