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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Food for free and all my own work

The weather has now settled down and it's blue skies every day. My garden or estate as i call it is doing well and today i took some pictures to share, sadly the fruit is not for sharing only the pictures.

I also have orange, lemon, lime, plum and cherry trees that were here when i got my house. But more about that another time.

Up to now i have had two good bowls of strawberries and there are some in my fridge for later.

These are my red currants and although only a few next year should see plenty from both plants.

Last year i only got a handful of blueberries but this year it's looking good. I have also planted another blueberry for next year.

Now  for my favourite, Black cherries. I planted two cherry trees last year that were little more  than twigs. They have grown well and both have fruit on but only a couple of cherries for now.

Next year i expect to be picking much more than this year. I didn't expect much this year ass both trees were only small but i can wait.

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