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Monday, 3 June 2013

Waste not want not.

The title says it all. It's criminal in today's world to waste food at a time of food banks for the people to poor to buy food for themselves and there families. Nothing is said about the smoking or alcoholic drink they waste there money on. After 20 years as a drinks retailer i can back up my claims about those who put drink first before there family.

I feed my chickens as much a varied diet that i can. A normal day is Rice, cabbage, carrot, potato. onion, bread and fruit plus they also get commercial chicken food. A normal day may be banana skins and now even Strawberries, some times you get an odd strawberry that has been attacked by a slug or something else. When i have strawberries i keep the tops and any bruised bits for the chicks.

So you can see that i waste nothing and the chicks certainly enjoy the diet they get. Below is a picture of the trimmings from the last lot of strawberries that i had.

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