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Monday, 24 June 2013

A window without bars but not prison bars.

For to long i have wanted a window over looking the valley to one side of my house.  I had a window made some time ago but not a window that opens due to my neighbours next door. In Portugal if you do not own the land next door to your house and you want a window then you have to have bars up so you can't access your neighbours property.

I found out the people who own the ruin next door to me and spoke to a lawyer in the local town. I asked that he speaks to the people who own the land next to me. I still have had no answer but i live in hope.

I knew it would be a gamble having the window made and even more of a gamble having the whole cut in the wall ready for when the lawyer tells me he has spoken to the people involved and it's OK to have a window without bars.

The picture below shows the view i have wanted and when i get to finish the window opening all will be complete. A lady had a house built at the top of the lane in my village and Derek a friend acted as an interpreter when the builder was last in the village.

I asked if he would cut a hole in the wall the size of the window, this he agreed to do. Today unexpected he arrived at my house and left one of his workers to do the job. It only took about an hour to cut the hole and that's all i wanted as i would  complete all the finishing touches myself and now i can. The price for this view was about 70€ for the window and to cut the whole 25€ now that's a small price to pay for the view i will soon have.

What do i need now to complete the kitchen well the lawyer to get me permission for my window without bars.


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