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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

France and back and the turmoil along the way.

I recently went to France to collect someone and some of there belonging. All went well till i got held up in a  incident on the motorway south of a place called Burgos in Spain on the way to the border with France.

After stopping for fuel when i got back to the motorway the road was blocked and the only way was back to the service area. After an hour a couple of cars found a way out of the service area via what was little more than a track. At this point my satnav was of no use but i found after what seemed an age a main road. As it was by now 6am in the morning there was no traffic and the road signs meant nothing to me, until i came across a sign for Santander over 140 km away. The roads all along the road kept pointing me in a direction that i did not recognise and where only small roads that looked like they only went to villages.

As i was getting closer i saw a sign for Bilboa and i knew that it was in the direction of France and with this i put my satnav back onto the address i was gong to. After a little while i came across thick fog and i took some pictures and it was far worse than it looked.

In a break in the weather i saw some cliffs that looked like they had cave dwellings in them. Then it was back to the fog but it was soon gone and then i tried to catch up with the time i had lost.

I got to my friends address or at least the address that i was given and the satnav details i was given got me to a house i expected to be where i should be. I had asked that they use Google Earth and find the house and then zoom in to reveal the satnav setting at the bottom of the page. The settings he gave me where to a property well over a kilometre away. I asked a couple if they knew the address that i was given but they couldn't help. After 5 hours i was sat in my car at the corner of a road that ended up being where i should have been. It was now 5 to 7pm and at 7 pm i was giving up to go home. I couldn't phone because i had used up my credit because of the high charges for calling from a Portuguese phone to a phone in another country and for that reason i couldn't phone them.

With 5 minutes to go i was speaking to a couple who had tried to help me early in the afternoon. While speaking to them again a car approached to turn into the road and guess what it was the people who i was to see. Five hours waiting and as i was ready to go home they appeared pity after 5 hours i was ready to head of back home and give up on the job.

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