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Monday, 1 July 2013

Chickens starting to lay at last

A while ago i got four new chickens to go with the two i already had. The two i had were bullies to the new four and after time i gave them away to a friend and for him they are well behaved.

A couple of weeks ago for five days in a row i got two eggs a day Wow things were looking up or so i thought. Ever day they would escape and roam around on the land by mine where the chickens live. I found that the gate at the back of the chicken run had a whole in it and the chickens would escape for the day and  they would  roam around eating what they could find. Today now that they couldn't get free i decided that they would be kept in for the day.

Yesterday  i only found one egg so i left it in one of the nest box's in the hope that it may show them what to do. I went over and found that the egg i left was still where i left it but also there was another egg so i removed the new egg and took yesterdays egg and left the new one still in place. I left today's egg in place and when i went back i found three eggs Thar's one more than i have ever had.

If this keeps up i will be able to bake a sponge cake like the last one. The last cake i baked i liquidised some strawberries to go over the top of it. The pity was i had a visitor and i had to share the cake but the next one is all my own.

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