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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summary of the kitchen and work done

It's taken a while and some encouragement from my sons but the major work in the kitchen is drawing to a close or at least the ceiling and the walls are now almost complete.

The main problem with the kitchen as it was is that it was cold and needed insulating and over 50 years old . The ceiling has been removed and insulation has been installed up at roof level. The insulation now is the same as if i used 8inch of rockwool insulation but it is only about one and a half inches thick then plasterboard to complete the ceiling.

That done the walls were next to get my attention, each sheet of plasterboard is 1.2m X 2.6m or nearly 10ft X 4ft. But it's not normal plasterboard it is insulated on the back and as three walls of the kitchen have outside walls these walls had to insulated as well or i wasted my time doing the ceiling.

All  nine boards i had to lift, cut and put in position all by myself. I had to put battens on the wall before i put up the plasterboard and now that's all done.

Wanting to do the best job i could i painted the walls with two coats of white paint and when that was dry i painted the walls again with two coats of pale yellow paint. Now all i need to do is look for and repair any slight blemishes in the joints on the plasterboard and then paint with the main topcoat.

Holes are cut for all the electrics. For the TV, cooker supply and 14 electric sockets. It looks like by the end of the week i should be starting to tile the floor and for the moment that is my target for the coming week. Now for what's been done i can proudly say that i did every job and i had no help, not bad for someone close to 65 years of age.

What seems only a short time ago this was just a wall as was the wall by the window but now it's all done.

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