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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The floor tiles will have to wait for now.

It's towards the end of a good week for me i have managed to get my kitchen painted but, here comes my but. I had 20 litres of white paint and i used over 5 litres of the white to paint the walls after they were finished. Then i mixed my own pale yellow, i mixed my yellow only to find that i didn't have enough yellow pigment to give me the shade of yellow paint i wanted. It hadn't taken me long to caulk all around the room where the corners of the room met each other  and were the walls met the ceiling and all along the ridge beam.

I used the paint i had mixed but it wasn't right i needed more yellow mixer and the local Chinese shop has had none for a while. I could of used the room as it is but really i am not happy with the shade of pale yellow so i will have to paint the walls again. The yellow mixer comes in a tube and i can get every colour but yellow.

It's now that i had wanted to get tiles started on the kitchen floor but now i will have to wait till i get the walls done again.

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