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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A night out for the local Oldies

I have previously mentioned that in a local village where there was a local club that never seemed to open. As it's a village club all money it earns helps the local community and it's where New year is celebrated for not just the local community but also the local gang of Brits.

The guy who runs the club or ran the club gave the keys to one of the gang of local Brits and it's where we go on a Friday night. It's common in the UK on a Friday night for young people to party the night away and older folk like we are to be home and in bed before the young people go out. Who said that we should be home and in bed nice and early, the club is often open till 3/ 4 or even later in the morning.

Now that the club is opened after so long the locals come in and mix with us and they stay just as late as we do.

Last week was just like any other week but one couple had family over to stay and they came down to spend a night with the local oldies. They have a young daughter who had her and she had been told that she was going to a club with music and dancing.  The guy who runs the club had opened before the local Brit arrived and he had the TV on so he could watch Football. Abigail had her Ipad with her and that kept her amused for a while until she found that she could take picture and distort them to make people look funny

I saw Abigail's mum today and i will post a picture as soon as i get it.

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