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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

It took Two hours watching Youtube to get this right

Tiles look so easy to put down and tilers make things look so go and then there is Joe public who thinks that all he has to do is put the adhesive down and put a tile on top and job done.

I spent over two hours watching Youtube video's of how to lay tiles. The picture below shows that i did a good job watching how tiling is done. I only have a section in a corner and some cuts to do and it's finished. Grouting has to be done and the floor is complete and then it's back to getting the sockets wired and repainting the walls as soon as i get the yellow pigment for the paint.

Maybe next weekend i should be in a position to be putting my base units in position but for now a few jobs need to be finished.

I do feel proud of what i have got done over the last couple of days.

 I forgot to add this picture yesterday but i hope that this show how good the kitchen should be.

A days grouting and that's the floor done.

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