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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Two years have passed and so much has happened.

The 1st August 2013 marked the second anniversary of my arriving in Gois from the ferry to Santander and a new life. On that night i got of the ferry i had intended to stop and complete the drive the next morning. For someone like me who enjoys driving the night was perfect, clear sky and little wind so i drove until i would need a break. That was the plan but the drive went so well that i arrived in Gois during the early hours of the 1st August 2011.

It's now 2 years later and much has changed. I soon made a temporary kitchen at the bottom of the stairs while i took apart the kitchen as it had been since it had been built many years ago. The downside was that i took out an old chimney that held the roof up and also held the chimney above in place. That mistake meant that i had to have the chimney taken down and the roof made good.

The first 15 months or more found me doing very little, i had adapted to a simple and stress free life but now i am getting on with getting work done. I am now having to do things i have not done before or even believed that i could do. The last week has seen me tilling the kitchen and hall floor. I could have chosen to tile a simple pattern but if you look below simple is not what i am after. All the electrics are in place and they will be connected soon and then it's the kitchen base units, oven and hob and sink. Doesn't seem a lot to do but i don't see that now as a problem.

Part of the lounge has been started, battens have been put in place so that i can get the log burner installed ready for the winter.

So from someone who in the UK would get someone else to do even the smallest job, now i am having fun learning new skills and i can proudly say i have had no help apart from Gary lifting 4 sheets of plasterboard into position as the sheets where to heavy for one person to life above my head.

Roll on the coming months when the kitchen should be complete and the walls that face the outside in the lounge will be insulated as i already have the boards ready and a nice log burner.

 This took a bit of working out so it finished as you can see in the photo.

As i have almost three boxes of tiles over i decided to tile the small entrance hall. 

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