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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Got the grouting done today

Much on my Blog in recent weeks has been a muddle one day it's the veranda the next it's the kitchen or even about other subjects.

The reason i am not concentrating on either the kitchen or veranda is when it's to hot i work inside of the house when it's a but cooler i can work outside. When i did go against what i knew to be right i got badly burnt.

Today was to hot to work outside on the veranda so i got stuck into the kitchen. I had to get down on my knee's and get the grouting done. I had intended to do half of the kitchen today ad the rest tomorrow well that was the plan.

I ended up doing over half of the kitchen floor and it was mid afternoon so i stopped for a cup of tea. As it was only a little after 3 o'clock i did a bit more or that was the idea. I put to much water into the grout  so i had to add some more grout. What this did was to give me more than i needed to complete the kitchen. As i had to much grout i completed the hall coming into the house and at the end i was proud of what i had done all in one day.

Now over 6 hours later i am sitting getting my Blog up to date when i decided to get a drink only to find that my knee's don't want to move. It was like this when i first tiled the floor and a relaxed day following the tilling i felt so much better s with an easy day tomorrow i will be ok again.

I should be able to get stared on the final painting of the kitchen walls then all the sockets can be fitted for when the electrician calls to connect everything up.

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