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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Shiraz or Syrah what's in a name

I planted some grapevines a while ago and after taking photos of what's growing well i decided to take some more of the grapes. Because i have nothing better to do.

They may only have a few grapes on but that's not important, what is important is that i had a long time ago asked on a Forum where to get good grapes for growing for wine. I wanted to get something a little more interesting than the usual grapes grown locally.

I found that in a local garden centre/ builders merchant a large bucket of grapevines tied into bunches. After going through them i found that one was called Syrah. Being an ex licensee i knew this to be Shiraz, this grape is known by two names so i got three to try. The pictures below show how they are doing.

Only a few grapes but they are doing well.

A few more grapes on this vine but again doing well.

This one is more interesting as it's a Shiraz and it has no grapes but this the one i want to grow up my veranda.
Also you can see some of the wood i have to cut down for my log burner to keep me nice and warm during the winter. The bigger leaves are a  Aubergine plant that now has flowers growing so i should be able to look forward to some Aubergines.

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