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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lots growing and even storing some for later

Apart from the kitchen and the veranda i have also been getting on with my garden or at least what i am growing.

My runner beans are at least 10ft tall and the beans are starting to grow, spuds are looking really great i hope that what's under the ground is as good as the plants look.

Strawberries, every day i get a good handful and what i want is next year to get even more but i want to change how they are planted and how they grow. Where my strawberries are is not the best place as i have potatoes next to them. I would either have all strawberries or all potatoes. I can and could move my strawberries to a raised bed and i have a spare that is not used yet.

I have planted 9 grape vines, 3 Shiraz and 6 Chardonnay. i planted them to see how they would get on on a piece of land that goes so hard facing the sun you need jack hammers to break the ground or wait for the rains to come. For now they are doing very well, the best one is the one next to the veranda. It is my plan to train it up the veranda but that will take time but time is something i have plenty of.

Chilli's and peppers i have growing in a couple of raised beds along with my tomatoes. Planting my tomatoes was a big mistake, i planted cherry and a big variety together and forgot which was the cherry. Cherry tomatoes can be left like a bush i am told but the others you need to remove the side shoots and train the plant up a cane. As they are together i can see now the ones that are cherry and the ones that should have been trained up a cane.

I have lots of chilli's and peppers growing. I will end up with to many to use so i asked about drying chilli's from someone who has done it for years but how do you keep flies of drying chilli's. Next idea is to cut the chilli in 2 and remove the pips, then put them in a jar and fill with oil. Problem solved i will have loads of chilli and peppers for over the winter months as a local supermarket has oil on offer for only 99 cents a litre a bargain.

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