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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Flaking paint on the kitchen door

While working on the kitchen i took of the kitchen door and left it outside. I don't know or can't explain why but the paint on the door is flaking of the door. At first this was not a problem as the door needs a new coat of paint to look good for when the kitchen is finished.

As i peeled of the flakes of paint i found that the door had only ever been painted once in the life of the house. Also that the wood under the paint was rough not as you would find in new houses today.  The panels in the centre of the door i will take out and put glass in them to allow more light to get in.

The job now is to remove the paint from the door before i can do anything else. In the UK there are places in most cities where you can take painted doors and get the paint removed but i have yet to find anywhere here in Central Portugal that restores painted doors.

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