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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Don't work out in the sun without a top on.

How many times have you told your children to cover up when it's sunny, well it was hot yesterday and the temperature was in the high 30's.  Well i got burnt and it was not till the next morning when i went out in the sun that  i felt the burning. Bit late now but i will not make that mistake again and i only have myself to blame.

I had got most of the timber to complete the veranda and it seemed a good day to get started and work went along very well. I looked forward to completing as much as i could the next day when i had used up all the timber i had.

I first put up the top on the one side that was complete. I even shaped the corner facing out down the lane.

Now i have started on the side facing the lane by my house.

The beams above my Pergola will have  my grapevine to use for shade but it will take a few years to get mine like this picture shows.

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  1. hello peter my name is tony i'm not commenting about the as such which really doe's look good what i want to know is did you get the self leveling compound here and what do they call it here.
    regards tony