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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Everything is growing very well

It's been very hot for so long now and all my crops are growing well. When you consider that i only have about 175 sq m of land and the chickens have a large part of that. Among what i am growing are the pictures below and they are all doing very well. They are growing as fast as i am eating at the moment but i am going to dry the chilli and peppers for use over the winter

I would have had a picture of my strawberries but i had them for breakfast better than corn flakes. On the grapevine i planted were two very small bunches both on different vines. These are Shiraz type grapes well i now have a couple of grapes that have turned red. It will be next year before i get any real bunches and another two years before i get enough to make some wine. The Chardonnay vines are also doing very well but no grapes this year.

These chilli i had in a beef casserole and they look and taste good.

I put my phone in this picture to show scale. This is the cherry tomatoes that i picked this morning. I am getting so many i need to find a use for them. 

This should be my pride and joy, my runner beans are now about 12ft high. When i picked them for the first time i cut the side string of like i had seen my Mum do when i was a child.

When i had my chicken casserole i looked forward to my beans but, a big But they where all so stringy and horrible. The chickens will get them and next year i will grow a different type and i am very disappointed with these. 

More chilli's and they are all growing very well. But more about these another time when i have picked and tried them.

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