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Sunday, 25 August 2013

The years meeting and meal

It's that time of year again when a meeting is called by the Association here in Vale boa. The head of the meeting is a couple who organize what needs doing and as the lady is a lawyer in Lisbon it helps. The main topic for the coming year is to protect our water. Vale Boa has more water than we need and what we have is needed by those who live here, the animals " Chicken, Goats etc " and the land. I couldn't quite understand what is to be done to protect the water but the association will i am sure do a good job on our behalf.

After the meeting we had a meal, the meal started with bread, cheese and salad. Then out came the Rice and beans. This is made with bacon, sausage and beans cooked in a large pan and herbs and spices. Then rice and water are added and it's all left to simmer until done. This was followed by what we call " Road Kill " this is a term we use for the way they cut chicken into small pieces for cooking. It probably comes from the fact that the chicken cooks much quicker when in small pieces than if left as Breast and Thighs/ drumsticks. Then we had the lightest sponge cake to finish of with. During the meal we had a very nice red wine and after trying some local wines this has been the best i have tried

The term Road Kill came about because chicken is cut through the breast and squashed flat so it can be grilled. To see this chicken in a supermarket plastic tray flattened does not look very appetising but who am i to tell the Portuguese that the chicken doesn't look very appetising.

Just some of the locals and those who only come here during there August holidays but own a property here.

84 and 89  and they still work on the land daily. Puts me to shame when i can only manage a few hours a day.

Keiths cat taken prisoner by Donnellise ok i maybe can't spell but she won't see this.

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