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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Oh what a good day and ended with a curry

Little has happened for the last week until today. I managed to get to Coimbra and to Leyroy Merlin a B&Q type shop for those in the UK reading this Blog.

I went to Leyroy Merlin to get a sink for my kitchen, as he sink was on offer i was also able to get all the plumbing bits i needed. As you can see from the picture the sink is not one that you would but in the UK. I have not seen anything like this before so i was glad to have been able to get something that looked so good.

Whilst there i was able to get the yellow colour pigment to add to my paint so i could mix the shade that i wanted. The first thing i did when i got home was to mix the paint and as hoped it came out just as i wanted. I will spend tomorrow inside painting my kitchen but with two good coats so i get the best look i can get.

To finish of what was a good day i wanted to make a curry as i had god some Turkey breast from the supermarket. Curry was all prepared when i found that i had no onions and didn't really want to go out for them. While i was watering my fruit trees and chilli and peppers etc i found some onions that i had planted soem time ago and had forgotten about.  My chickens had escaped one day and found there way to where the onions were growing. In a short time they had eaten almost all of the onions i had planted but i was glad to find that a few had remained. 

Now this is what i call a sink and when the kitchen is finished it will look amazing.

This picture really doesn't show the colour but it is how i wanted it. I did a test on a part of the wall that will have the kitchen units fitted and it does look good. 

Not bad for what was uneaten by the chickens. They really did come in handy when needed. Next year i will make sure i plant plenty because these few where good.

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