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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My first worktop has arrived

After going out with friends looking for timber for our own various projects we ended with none of us getting what we wanted. On the way back we called at a local Granite company who was on the way home. I had a drawing of what i wanted for my worktop and a window sill so i found the boss and gave him my drawings. A little while later he came back with a price for the worktop and window sill and both for 95€. I had to ask twice to make sure the price was correct and he wrote it down on my drawing so that was it a Bargain.

After i got over my shock at the price of 95€ i asked when they would be ready and he said the next day at about 4pm. 4pm i was there to get my worktop for my soon to be finished kitchen. I asked if they could measure for my other worktop for my main run of units that is almost 3 metre in lenght. The son of the boss said that if i wanted to go home now he would follow me and get everything measured up. He also suggested that they make a kind of tile about three inches to go around the walls above the worktop and when done and sealed it will complete the effect i wanted.

As you can see i am slowly getting there. Tomorrow i will get the outside lights on the veranda connected and another milestone is done.

My friend called today to take my last base unit for the kitchen. The unit is to the left of the cooker and it was 100cm and i needed it cut down to 92.5cm  to fit. I called back to his house after 3 hours and my base unit was ready for me to bring home and fit. It fit with 2mm to spare and afer15 minutes it was all done and in place.

The electrician calls Friday to look at what's needed to get the wiring connected. I have wired all the sockets and lights but everything is coming from downstairs the idea for this is as i don't want and wires or pipes in the walls. I won't be having wall cupboards but should in the future someone want them then there will be no problem with the walls having hidden wires or pipes so it would be safe to fit units on the walls.

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