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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Juice recipes and marinading

I have mentioned before that i am starting to sell Herbs and Spices and i will also have a Website to sell my products. Naturally i will have as the picture below shows plenty of selection for my own use. As i have only been on my own for a few short years i have to learn about just what goes with what.

I had a large piece of shoulder pork and i decided to cut it into steaks. Normally i would just put the steaks into plastic bags and freeze. Today i decided to marinade the steaks and that's were i had a problem. The problem was what Spice goes with what Spice so it's all trial and error. Black pepper and Lemongrass, Tandorri and Green Cardamon, Cumin and Coriander to name just a few. Instead of just getting out my pork steak for dinner and thinking of something to do with it i this time it's all done before.

When my kitchen is complete i will have all the Spices i don't have room for due to shelf space as you can see from the picture.

Today i had a call from one of my children to say they had had Juice made from a Juicer. That may seem a strange comment to make but this one is like lots of kids saying to most things " I don't like that ". We always had a problem getting this child to eat so when i was told the contents of the Juice i was shocked.

It has something to do with a recently found Liver problem that is still being investigated. The recipe for the juice was found on a website called and on this site each recipe gives the health benefits and the picture shows some of the information i was shown.

It's good to see just what health benefits various fruits give and when i get a Juicer i will certainly start to enjoy fruits taken this way.

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