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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Units now in place and just the painting bits to finsh

After getting all my bits i had been waiting to get i made a good start today. First was the painting, i had mixed just the shade i had wanted and i was starting getting as much done as early as i could. I wanted to do two coats as it was so hot the paint would soon dry. Unfortunately it took longer than i had first thought it would. I got all the walls done but as it took longer i got help to carry the units though with me. So as not to waste paint i marked the walls where the units would go so that i only painted the parts that were on show.

The walls during preparation had two coats of white paint and a further two coats of a pale yellow. So four coats of paint on parts that would never again see the light of day is enough for me. I had taken the door out so i could carry on with the painting as with the door out of the way i could get on better.

Once the units were in place the gap at the end looked a little small so i tried to fit the door. I was glad to find that the door fit with a tiny fraction of an inch to spare.

Tomorrow i will get started early and paint the whole room again and then that should be it as regards painting. One mistake i made while using the roller was that i hit the ceiling a couple of times. Instead of trying to was it of i left it to dry and in the morning i will finish of and then it's down to fitting out the room. 

I put these units here while i had someone here to help lift them. This is where the units will stay when fitted and the sink will be right in front of the window.

Hows that for a good fit, the door goes back against the wall.

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