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Monday, 30 September 2013

My helicopter and Vegetarian's

It's always nice when someone reads my Blog and leaves a comment. I found that another comment had been left and found that the person who left the comment had a website about food and also vegetarian food now it's one thing i have a problem with is vegetarian food. Being a meat eater i find the concept of not eating meat alien so i will have to respect those who choose not to eat meat.

I did find so much on the site very interesting and helpful. I have put a link to Rak's Kitchen on the left of this page and i hope that those who read my Blog find it useful as i did.

I speak to a friend in the UK a couple of times a week and he calls my ceiling fan a Helicopter. Well today after our usual chat i decided to take my ceiling fan down and move it to the kitchen ready for when the electrician calls to connect up my wiring.

The problem i had was the angle of the ceiling and i had to make a spacer as the blades where touching the ceiling.

There is some work on the ridge beam to do but i can do that when i touch up the spots i when i marked the ceiling when i was painting the walls.

I left this picture for my Granddaughter. I told her this was nasty clouds filling up to drop rain again.

But it is a great picture through my prison window.

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