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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The last of the plasterboarding is now done.

It's been a long hard week rubbing down to get a perfect finish on my walls. Today i cut the last piece of plasterboard in place, it took nearly two hours. First i cut a cardboard template, next i transferred the cardboard template to a piece of plasterboard and made sure it fit into place, better safe than make a mistake.

I was nervous transferring the plasterboard template to the last piece of plasterboard but i got it done. It took a little time before i made my first cut but soon i had the board cut and ready to put into position. I was surprised but it fit like a glove had i soon had it screwed into place.

Now all i need is to wait for the filler on all the joints to go hard so i can start to get it rubbed down and ready for painting. Once ready for painting i will give the walls two coats of white paint to help me find any blemishes that i have missed. Once this is done then i will give the walls two coats of a pale yellow to match the rest of the room. once done and complete i will give the whole room a good coat of a pale yellow and then paint the ceiling again, job done.

Then it's down to the tiles for the floor to be put down but that's another story.

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