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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chickens fighting

Last Thursday the 2nd i went to a local market to get a couple of chickens. One reason was that if anything should happen to one of my present chick's then that would leave one on it's own.

Not speaking Portuguese i wandered round and round looking for someone i may know who could ask a few questions for me. I didn't really know one chicken from another but as someone was buying two chickens and there were eggs on the top of the cage i decided to buy two. The person in front of me paid with a 20€ note but the seller had no change so the buyer handed another 2€ and got 10€ change so the seller can add up. When it was my turn i asked for two chickens from the same cage and handed over 22€ expecting 10€ change. The seller a lady didn't give me any change and tried to say that i gave her a 10€ note and 2€ coins. After me trying to give the chickens back i ended up getting my change.

I kept the new chickens in a separate part of the chicken house for a day before i let them out. One of my present chickens has been bullying my new chickens and i don't know what to do to calm things down. I am putting them in together again to see if things calm down if not i am lost as to what to do.

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