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Saturday, 8 May 2010

The day i called to see a friend and he was out

While i was out going to get my money back in Serta i used the time to call and see an friend in a place called Tomar. My friend Derek is a well known Legal estate agent in Tomar and is very well respected. I know  Derek from the various Forums we are both on and from his Radio show on a Saturday morning.

On my way to Serta i called into Tomar and found the offices of my friend Derek. As i walked in i saw a photo on the wall of a house that was close to being a ruin that i was interested in. This was the very first house i ever looked at when i started to search the property websites in  Portugal for a property.  

Just then a member of staff came over to say hello i pointed out to the young lady that this was the first house i looked at when i started my search for a property. I was shocked when she said that she knew my name must be Peter and she then pointed out that it was her house and she remembers the email i sent. Well we went next door to the cafe/ bar for a cool drink Ok so i had a Superbok and on a very hot day it went down very well see the picture below. Any way it seems that i had missed my chance to met Derek so i went over to Serta to get my money back " see the last story "

On my way back from Serta i called again to Tomar to see Derek but again i missed him as he was out doing what estate agents do. Never mind we will met but not before it's arranged next time. Don't forget Keep the Superbok in the fridge because i like it cold, very cold. I should also mention that i was calling without first contacting Derek. My time span was such i could not know where and when i would be able to call so i just called unannounced.

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  1. Hi Peter,
    Hope your well, sorry I was out when you came to visit me in Tomar, next time I will make sure I am around so we can have that beer...