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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Credit where credit's due

Hi well it's about time i showed a little respect for a friend who without some of his pictures this Blog for now and for what's to come would not be what it is.

I was introduced to Richard by Diana and Terry because of my great interest in renewable energy and building an energy efficient house. I was lucky that Richard was an expert in a field that was of great interest to me.

Apart from the help Richard was and will be when i move to Vale Boa. Richard is also an expert photographer. Out of respect to him i should have asked permission to use his archive of Photo's

It came as quite a surprise to here that Richard and Patricia where to open an Estate agency in Gois. I envy the way that Patricia uses words, how i wish that i could use the English language in the way that Patricia does, in particular her Blog on here own website.

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