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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Anybody can have the ordinary

But not me.At school i was not very good at wood work Unlike a friend who made an electric guitar and it worked and he used in a group he was part of in the 60's.

I have said it before and i will say it again i don't want in my house what you can by in the B & Q type stores i would rather dream of my own. Then plan what i have in my head and the picture below is something i have finished today.

On the wall is the main fuse supply that can't be moved but there was nothing to stop me hiding it. Behind the books is the electric fuse and my next plan is to have the books cut down so they don't come over the edge of the shelf. The bottom picture shows.

Not something you will find at B & Q. Plenty of Bee's wax gave it the look i wanted.

One thing i don't want is having anything hanging over the edge of the shelves. Shame the books have to be cut down especially as these books are all about Liverpool.

I made a feature underneath of the left side of the shelf. I joined two pieces of Chestnut together to show of just how nice this wood is that i use a lot of.

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